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2000w Solar Power System
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1、The socket according to client's requirement.
3、Solar panel : 25 years, storage batteries: 5-8 years.
4、Warranty of complete system: 1 year.           
  • Description
Technical data: Loads references
Item: Specification Loads Name Load's watt Qty Working hours Daily consumption
Solar panel Parameter 250W*8pcs 72V LED light 10W 8 8 640Wh
Solar cells mono Fax machine 100W 2 2 400Wh
Output power 8KWh/day Computer 70W 3 10 2100Wh
Output voltage AC110-220V Color TV 100W 3 4 1200Wh
Size 1960*990*45mm/pc Washing machine 300W 2 1 600Wh
Weight 24kg/pc Water pump 1000W 1 1 1000Wh
Storage battery Type Lead acid Microwave 1000W 1 2 2000Wh
Capacity 200Ah*8pcs/12V Printer 250W 1 2 500Wh
Discharge depth 75% Air-conditioning 1200W 1 5 6000Wh
Output power 14400Wh Total 14440Wh
Controller Voltage 48V
Current 40A
Inverter Wave type Pure sine wave
DC input voltage 48VDC
AC output voltage 120/230VAC
Output power 3000W
confluence box
Working temperature from -20° to + 50°
Tolerance ±5%